Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Racist Beast Called Israel

Here are some numbers to make you think. No, scratch that. These are some numbers to make you burn with anger. And if you read the following, and watch the video after it, and you feel nothing, ask yourself who it is that has killed your conscience.

The toll

- Since outbreak

Military deaths 66

Civilian deaths 377

Wounded 1,550+

Israeli - Since outbreak

Military deaths 24

Civilian deaths 17

Wounded 360+
In other words, Israel has lost 41 lives, with a ratio of 1:1.4, civilian to military deaths. Lebanon has lost 443 lives, with a ratio of 5.7:1, civilian to military deaths. Israel is butchering Lebanese civilians almost SIX times more than they are the Lebanese military men and women. And look at the number of wounded. Jesus Christ! How is this a war on Hezbollah!? This is GENOCIDE! How many more women and children need to die before people realize the Middle East is being run by a group of Judeo-Nazis?? And that they have the full military support of a group of insane Christo-Nazis in America?

Watch this video to see the terrorists Israel's gang of Stormtroopers of YHWH are targetting.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

War Crimes in Lebanon

I'll keep this one short and let the images speak for themselves. Kurt Nimmo has created a 5 minute video entitled Reality in Lebanon.

Is this what this Israeli girl was wishing for? How brainwashed must a population be for its youth to welcome this kind of sickness? I'm afraid we've seen it before. Israel is committing atrocities on the level of those committed against Jews by Nazi Germany. Because psychopathy knows no racial or religious divisions. Evil is not a specific religion or philosophical system, despite what Bush and Olmert would have us believe.